Monday, September 11, 2006

Nine-year old boy guides family back to church.

H/T to "Moneybags" at A Catholic Life for this nice story of a young boy who inspired his family to start going to church. I won't spoil to much here, but give this short-read a few minutes of your time - it is truly inspiring. It underscores the importance anyone in the family can have, in particular young people, on the faith of others.

Valley Center Boy Meets Pope

"Moneybags" is a regular visitor of Te Deum Laudamus! He is discerning the priesthood, so please pray for him, and all of those participating in another blog he started called, Holy Vocations. If you have your speakers turned on, you will get a treat with the sacred music at this site. It is co-authored by a group of young men and women, also exploring religious life. Moneybags has two other blogs, as well - one dedicated to the Holy Rosary, and another on the Dignity of Human Life.

Don't let his nickname fool you - he simply names himself after the Monopoly Game character. It's these kind of young people which give me much hope for the future of our Church. They may face challenges with the current state of affairs in many dioceses and religious institutions. God grant them the courage to persevere as they follow Christ to their respective callings, taking up their crosses and being a beacon of light to all they encounter.