Saturday, September 9, 2006

Finally! A park-page for!!!

I'm bumping this post by editing the date and time.

If only I had more time....(click the pic to view the park page for my new website, in development)
This is a project I'm lucky to get to work on once or twice weekly at this time.

I bought the domain name back months ago, finally decided to go with for hosting a few weeks ago, and just now got my park page finalized and published.

What will this site consist of? That remains to be hidden from public view until it is actually launched! I'm still working out details, and still am using the school of hunt-n-peck for winging my way through Front Page and the world of hosting.

Any feedback would be appreciated in the combox or in my profile email. Until then, click the pic to visit the temporary park-page. Info such as the browser you are using (i.e., Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) would be helpful, as well as screen resolution (i.e., 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 68). You can find it under Control Panel > Appearance and Themes > Display > Display Settings Tab if you are using in Windows.

EDIT: Oh - and BTW, this means that I must slow down my posting on Te Deum Laudamus! This will be disappointing to some, and welcome news to those who can't seem to keep up. Now's your time to browse the archives and various items in my sidebar.

I still have a few photos from Assumption 2006 yet, but once that is done, expect my posting here to go down to 1-3 times weekly or so.