Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pipes to admire: Pope Blesses Organ at Alte Kapelle in Regensburg

Watch it tonite (see bottom for schedule). Awesome!!

I turned on my TV hoping to catch another papal event and got a real treat. He was talking about sacred music while the camera panned to the newly installed organ at Alte Kapelle in Regensburg. You have to see these pipes and how they are masterfully crafted into the "Old Chapel". Wow!

I caught only the tail end of the speech, which I can't wait to read later today (was not available yet). Keep an eye on this webpage where all of the speeches and homilies are kept in Italian, German, and English. English seems to be the one lagging - as usual. As the day goes on, those black words should turn to brown, live links.

I'll bring you that link in a subsequent post AND photos of this organ. There aren't any online as of this morning upon a cursory check. But I have no doubts the web will be full of photos as the day goes on. This organ is spectacular!!!

For photos of the Church, visit a website called Structurae where six photos (minus the organ) are shown. In observance of the copyright notice at the bottom of each of these photos, I will not be putting any on this blog, but you can click to get there.

I was able to find a photo album of Alte Kapelle at webshots. Some of the photos are blurry, but it gives you an idea.

If you are able, watch this on rebroadcast tonight:

EWTN rebroadcast:

10:00pm Eastern
7:00pm Pacific

Photos won't do the scenery justice so do try to watch it tonite, or tape it. I've got choir practice tonite, but will bring you photos tomorrow morning.