Saturday, September 9, 2006

It's Coming: Adult Catechism with Fr. Perrone!

Fr. Perrone, a very pastoral priest, teaches a class on Virtues in "The Virtuous Woman" held, this past spring(click title for the talk itself!) He offered many classes personally last year, including a Latin-Lite.

Well, it's that time of year again! Fr. Perrone will soon be teaching his adult catechism class starting in October (date, day and time, TBD). What is certain is that it will be held at Assumption Grotto. If it is a small class, it is likely to be held in the rectory basement. If it is larger class, it will be in the school "lounge" where all seminars are held.

Who is this class for:

  • Catholics wanting a deeper understanding of the Catechism.

  • Baptized Catholics who have not been confirmed, and wish to do so.

  • Lapsed Catholics looking to increase their faith through understanding

  • Non-Catholics exploring the Catholic faith

  • Parishioners and non-parishioners.

Ages: While it is typically referred to as "Adult Catechism", there were entire families in the class last year. When we got into some morality issues that were a little too "advanced" for them, their parents simply guided them to the hall temporarily. Of adults there, ages ranged from 18 to senior. Last year, we had about 25 people in the class and it was a mix of that list above. Several non-Catholics opted to join the faith at the end of the class which concluded just before Easter-time.

In speaking to Fr. Perrone, the text he is planning to use this year, is the new Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This book was just released in English early this year, and it comes directly from the Holy See, through the USCCB.

The indepth catechism class is done in a methodical and catechetical format using Q & A. It is a great opportunity to have your questions about the Catholic faith answered by a priest for the duration of the course since it is taught fully by the pastor himself! Like his sermons, Fr. Perrone gives us a look at the Catholic faith in its entirety, with Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and he often peppers-in teachings of the Church Fathers.

Cost: None, except the cost of the text, which will be minimal.

I grew up with the kind of CCD that some of us now refer to as "my butterfly and me catechism". I learned how to finger paint, make posters & banners, and sing kum-ba-yah real well. When I joined Assumption Grotto in June 2005 at the age of 43, I learned very quickly that my childhood catechesis was built on a foundation of sand. There was no substance. In Fr. Perrone's catechism class, which met weekly from fall to spring, my faith strengthened as understanding replaced ignorance stemming from that "namby-pamby" catechism. I was able to see just how much I didn't know, and cleared up some misconceptions. It was exciting to go each week as I learned more.

If you know you are interested, calling the rectory now to add your name to a growing list will enable the parish to get a rough count ahead of time. Since it has not been officially announced through the parish bulletin yet, there is also time to think it over. If you have the Compendium that is fine, otherwise, Cathy - who manages our Giftshop - can put in a rough order ahead of time based on interest. I may try to sit in on at least some of the classes again this year.

Click here for the rectory contact information.

You can always contact me (see my profile) for other questions, as well. If I don't have an answer, I can try to get one for you. Keep in mind that if you call or email, details regarding the start date, day of the week, and time remain to be worked out. I will make another post when this information becomes available.