Thursday, February 9, 2012

Obama's assault on Religious Liberty - Links

The HHS mandate is generating many stories - way too many to keep up with. Here are just some of the video interviews and stories floating out there on the HHS mandate which has the U.S. Catholic bishops.

*171* Bishops (about 95% of Dioceses) have spoken out against Obama/HHS mandate (see complete link list with statements compiled by Tom Peters at Catholic Vote)

This is likely to be updated, so keep checking the link for add-ons: 13 Catholic (and Christian) Institutions Opposing Obama/HHS Mandate (Tom Peters/Catholic Vote)

EWTN, represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, files suit against the U.S. government

154 Congressmen sent a letter to HHS in protest of the controversial mandate (CNSNews)

Secular, business newspaper journalist |  Time to admit it: The Church has always been right on birth control (Business Insider).  Would that all bishops and priests spoke with such clarity!  In fact, I would ask clerics, bishops included, to think about when they last spoke about this issue with this kind of clarity from any pulpit. Let's not let yesterday's negligence result in silence from this point forward. 

C-SPAN Broadcasts Excellent Discussion on HHS Contraceptive Mandate (Stephen White/Catholic Vote)

The Birth Control Mandate is Unconsitutional (Horace Cooper - National Policy Analysis)

ACLU: Promoting the Rape of Boys is Protected; Living According to the Catholic Faith is Not (Tom Crowe/Catholic Vote)

 Rasmussen: Majority opposes Obama contraception mandate on religious organizations (Hot Air)

Senate Democrats say Obama 'Reinforced' his stance on contraception mandate at Democratic retreat (ABC News)

Why the Pope's army will not kneel to the HHS mandate (Dan Burke/N.C. Register Blogs)

The ball is in the bishops' court (Russel Shaw/OSV)

MSNBC guest compares birth control fight to  1930's Germany (CMR)

Did Daley leave WH because of the HHS mandate? (Elizabeth Scalia)

You know things are bad when  even Christ Matthews (MSNBC) is upset with HHS mandate (Deacon's Bench)

The Ironic Catholic ponders a scenario: Religious Institutions forced to pay for employees' slaves

Father Z on Dr. Peters (canonist) on Nancy Pelosi (public abortion absolutist) - see embedded video of classic Pelosi; and, Ed Peters original post: Nancy Pelosi deserves to be taken seriously. Very seriously

Contraception: Why Not? Some background on why the Church - and Catholic employers - are resisting the HHS contraceptive mandate (National Catholic Register editors) - N.B. please don't confuse the Register, which is owned by EWTN, with the Reporter.

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