Saturday, September 29, 2007

BOYCOTT: Miller Beer sponsors anti-Christian event

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If Miller Beer had sponsored an ad which took a poke at Martin Luther King, they would be considered racist. If they sponsored an ad which took a poke at the Torah, they would be considered anti-semitic. If they sponsored an ad which took a poke at Ramadan, they would be considered anti-muslim. Any such thing would probably spark an investigation by the government. But, if you want to take a poke at Christians and Catholics, that's perfectly fine.


The Catholic League has called for a boycott of Miller Beer because of their sponsorship of an ad which trashes the Last Supper. This is not only offensive to Catholics, but Christians everywhere.

It gets worse. Bill Donohue sent a followup letter to the executives of Miller with pictures of the highly immoral event which they are sponsoring this Sunday.

Original boycott explanation by Catholic League

Followup boycott info by Catholic League

EDIT: Miller Brewing Co. sells beer under a number of names of which I was unaware. Among dozens of specific names, they include the following:

Red Dog
Henry Weinhard's
Olde English

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