Sunday, June 17, 2007

Comments Moderated Prior to Posting

I just wanted to re-iterate for those leaving comments that I have turned "Comment Moderation" to "on". This can be confusing when you first encounter it at a blog because it seems as if your comment didn't go anwhere after you send it.

With this feature checked on, when you leave a comment it goes into a cue and awaits my review and approval for publishing. You can tell when a blog has comment moderation turned on because it will often say it at the top of the comment section when you are writing your comment. The other way to tell is immediately after you post a comment. You will see a message that says that the comment is awaiting moderation.

Many bloggers I know have gone to this to prevent spamming. The "verification word" helps with computers trying to leave comments in my blog, but it does not prevent the individual who is going around posting advertisements and what not.

Aside from that, it enables me to keep out those things which I believe could lead others to scandal and prevents things like detraction being spread through my comboxes. Sometimes I'll see something that is inappropriate and I will be stuck at work unable to do anything about it.

I have no intention of censoring information out. That is, those who disagree with my opinion. However, there are certain things I will not post and I have outlined them previously.

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