Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I continue to get duplicate comments from people unaware of how Comment Moderation works. After you hit the "send" button, be sure to look at the top to see if it says, "comment awaiting moderation" or something to that effect.

I have received some biteback on this from people who think I am involved in a conspiracy to filter out any comment different from my own. Let me explain....

Comment moderation remains on to filter out comments leading people to things I have had to delete. For example, someone recently tried promoting their "alien" website in one of my comboxes. I have deleted highly lewd advertisements, detraction (revealing the moral fault of another to those who do not know), and links to websites which I prefer not to promote via my blog.

I typically like links which are green in the site reviews of Catholic Culture. I have to use my conscience in making these determinations for those not rated. If you don't like comment moderation, which many Catholic blogs now use, you are free to create your own blog where you can post whatever you want.

I personally like Fr. Tim Finigan's explanation of this subject. For those who would like to understand it better, he'll be glad to clear it up for you.

Fr. Tim Finigan on Comments on Blogs in General

Fr. Tim Finigan on Posting Comments (good comprehensive list of why comments are accepted or rejected)

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