Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sunny skies, 80F, predicted for Corpus Christi here in Detroit

If you have been thinking of commuting to Assumption Grotto for the day, this Sunday would be one day to do it!

You have until noon to get there (but it is wise on such feast days to get there 30 minutes earlier for decent parking).

It will start with an Orchestra Mass at Noon. It will lead into a grand outdoor procession that will run until mid-afternoon.

Processions are beginning to take hold in parts all across the globe as younger people discover the graces - the graces many older people have always cherished. Don't do this for yourself because this would self-centered. Rather, make the day God-centered and GIVE your time to Our Lord in adoration for a few hours.

We think nothing of going to birthday parties, graduation parties and the like - for those people. But when it comes to religious activities we often take stock of what they do for us and if we don't feel like going, or if we don't feel it brings us some kind of benefit, we skip it (and I'm guilty of this myself before Assumption Grotto's priests and culture set me straight).

The best prayer is one in which we ask for nothing, but merely give of ourselves to God.

Come to Assumption Grotto on Corpus Christi and give God some extra time and attention.

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I'll leave you with this fantastic video called, God in the Streets of New York. It is of a recent Eucharistic Procession and I believe it is the order of Fr. Benedict Groeschel leading the way. While our procession is on the grounds of Assumption Grotto and not through the city (which requires permits), it is the point of giving God the time that matters. If you cannot make it to Assumption Grotto, then take advantage of one of many around the country. Call your diocese and ask where the processions are. Call your parish and ask that you and your parishioners have access to a Eucharistic Procession on Corpus Christi.

Bring back Eucharistic Processions!!!

If you know of a Eucharistic Procession taking place somewhere in the world this weekend, list it here so others may go. Put it in the combox.

Here is one: Feast of Corpus Christi takes to south, Kansas City Streets

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