Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Comment Moderation is On

Just a note to all readers, especially those who comment......

I have turned on comment moderation. This means that when you post a comment it will drop into a box for my review prior to posting. Don't repost - it will be in a cue for me to release and I will try to check a couple times daily.

There are many subjects in which I can deal with differences of opinion. However, I do have a problem with people attacking the Catholic Church and/or the Novus Ordo Mass and I choose not to subject my readers to those kind of offensive remarks.

In a similar manner, I won't accept condescending remarks with regards to other faiths or various Christian denominations. I know many Protesants and I know them well enough to know the deep love they have for Jesus Christ and for Sacred Scripture. Some of my Protestant friends can put a Catholic to shame with the amount of hours they devote to the study of Scripture. Their love for the Lord is plainly visible to me and I respect them for that. Ditto for the time they put in to charitable works. While their interpretation of Scripture is not aligned with Catholic understanding, they deserve to be treated with charity and to be given the benefit of the doubt that they pursue God with the best of intentions. They ought not be the butt of jokes or on the receiving end of condescending remarks (direct or indirect) from people who consider themselves Christian and Catholic.

I say the same of members of the SSPX or of the Orthodox faith. I won't accept anyone taking an uncharitable jab there either.

I will also reiterate at this time a few points about links in my blogroll and elsewhere on the Te Deum blog. If anyone notices something to the contrary in any of my links, please notify me by email at

I will not place links on my blog which are to known schismatic sites or
sites which speak out against the Catholic faith.

I will not place links on my blog which contain anti-semitic content or
follow an uncharitable path with regards to non-Christian faiths.

I will not place links on my blog which contain promotion or discussion of
apparitions or other phenomena not yet fully approved by the Catholic Church. There is an arsenal of fully approved private revelations that we need to explore and understand long before we get absorbed in things in which definitive judgments have not been made.

I have removed some links to blogs by Catholics - some popular - in which the content is highly strident or focusing too much on the scandal of the day. We need to use our time more wisely and to guard against participating in what amounts to high-tech gossip and detraction. I won't encourage them in these things by contributing to their hit count. Our Lord did not teach us to have fun at the expense of people who are misguided. Such examples seem to be missing from the Gospels.

Again, if you discover something in a link on my blog which contradicts what I have here in this list, please send me an email so I can investigate and act accordingly. I simply cannot follow every link, every day.

There is a delay in more Corpus Christi photo posts because of an intense work schedule this week, so bare with me on this.

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