Thursday, June 28, 2007

Media Watch on the Motu Proprio expected July 7th

With news of the motu proprio being in the hands of 30 bishops from around the world, and a general public release date of July 7th (just like a jackpot 7/7/7), we can now sit back and watch how the media treat this.

I can't refer you to a better analysis of news articles than Fr. Z. He enters the article, then enters his own comments and emphases throughout.

I'm going to be editing this post - perhaps up until the day the motu proprio is released, then start another. So, follow the links accordingly. I'll keep the most recent on top.

I'm going to include general motu proprio news here too so keep checking this post.

June 30, 2007

Fr. Z: Motu proprio to offer ALL sacraments (21 points summarize an Italian article in Il Giornale)

This next one I could take you directly to the blog of Cardinal Sean O'Malley, but Fr. Z's comments interwoven into that are well worth reading. You can pick up a link there to the Cardinal's post. Remember, he was there for that meeting, which he says included 25 bishops.

Fr. Z: Cardinal O'Malley blogs the motu proprio

Rorate Coeli: On Cardinal O'Malley's words

Rorate Caeli: Who was at the meeting and from which country?

Minnesota Star-Tribune: Go Vote on Whether you want the old Latin Mass derestricted.

Jun 29, 2007

Curt Jester at it again: A cookie cutter template for news media to use for building their articles on the motu proprio.

Fr. Z: ANSA with Cardinal Bertone on the MP (and a correction - it was around 15 bishops not 30).

Fr. Z: The Motu Proprio considered ad intra & ad extra

Holy See: Communique in Italian stating the motu proprio will be released in a few days. Note that July 7th is not confirmed in this communique.

June 28, 2007

Fr. Z: NY Times on the motu proprio

June 27, 2007

NLM: Rough translation of motu proprio article in La Croix

June 26, 2007

Fr. Z: The Tablet - another dreadful editorial

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