Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Interesting canon law discussions shaping up in Voris / RCTV and AoD dispute

There are some interesting developments in the dispute over use of the name "Catholic" in the Real Catholic TV vs. Archdiocese of Detroit dispute.

First, Real Catholic TV has responded with a video

The news link that Michael Voris refers to in his video response is from LifeSiteNews: Archdiocesan canon lawyers differ on asking RealCatholicTV.com to drop ‘Catholic’ name (with 107 comments as of this posting).  In that article we learn that a canon lawyer from the Fort Wayne - South Bend, Indiana diocese -  actually the Judicial Vicar - not speaking as an official of that diocese, but offering his thoughts, feels jurisdiction likely belongs in FW-SB.

Just a short time ago, Ed Peters put out a new post in which he clarifies some things further: Some thoughts on the ‘jurisdiction’ question in the AOD – Voris/RCTV matter.  He points out that the AoD doesn't need jurisdiction for what it has stated.  There are two parts in that single post and he gets into some discussion in "part 2" about jurisdiction and internet ventures that cross dioceses in various ways (consider that the current Code of Canon Law is 1983, really before the internet boomed to hwat we have today).  He brings up some very interesting "what if" scenarios.

I suspect we have not heard the last from these two canonists. 

Update: Peters had a second response concerning his employment and more.

Update 2: Comments have been disabled and hidden.  See why here: Not with insolence do we advance our cause... whatever it is!

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