Monday, January 16, 2012

Not with insolence do we advance our cause... whatever it is!

It's a free country. People, specifically Catholics, will have a range of opinions about this or that. Some will defend their positions passionately, and others dispassionately. Some will use humor and some will be serious. Some will be detailed and some will be broad. Some will travel the comboxes peppering in their opinion, even unto attacking others, and those others can respond. 

When I made my post the other day on the situation with Michael Voris and the Archdiocese of Detroit, I allowed all comments because I did not want to engage in censorship. This, I regret, because it dragged my blog down a path I have no interest in traveling. I am taking down all comments in that post. 

One thing I don't care for, whether it comes from RCTV, or Curious Catholic, is insolence.   As Christians, our conduct with respect to one another is "on display" for the world to see.  It may not be gravely sinful to make use of insolence, but it is far from virtuous especially when used as a normal mode of operation.

The Curious Catholic blog seems to exist exclusively to deride and dig-up dirt about the folks at Real Catholic TV.  While I take issue with the insolent approach typically seen in the Vortex, I know that those involved with the productions have a great love for the Church. While I'm sure it is the same for the folks at CC, I feel it has gotten much too personal there.  I attempted to leave a comment there to this effect, only to find the combox "closed to non-members."

I don't think anyone in their right mind truly believes that this dispute between RCTV and the AoD is about an organization using the Catholic name without permission.  Therefore, while there is a canonical issue involved, I believe this bus has another driver.  What we have seen thus far from the archdiocese is a little like shooting a mouse with an elephant gun.  There is something more to this -  something beyond the canonical issue as the Alaskan gentleman with Michigan roots points out (though I would argue that rarely does Ed Peters stray from speaking exclusively on the canonical aspects of any dispute, even when there is more that can be said).

Opinions about what is at the root of the  surface-canonical issue in the AoD - Voris / RCTV dispute are as varied as there are people (all of whom should be mindful of CCC 2478).

IMHO, the Archdiocese of Detroit has created a PR disaster.  Some RCTV fans speak of the Archbishop of Detroit as if he is clueless about what is happening; others fault Archbishop Vigneron directly, questioning his orthodoxy.  Thus far, Detroit's archbishop remains silent and that silence is only inviting more speculation and rash judgments in every direction. 

We can probably do more good by taking the matter to prayer for all concerned. 

I will likely close the comment box on any future updates, as I have for this post. 

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