Thursday, January 5, 2012

Look what the Dominican "Soap Sisters" are up to...

From the Dominican Nuns of Summit, New Jersey, some news...

We're happy to share with you that coming sometime in January will be our all-new Cloister Shoppe! Above is a screen shot of the "work-in-progress."

The new shoppe will be run on a dedicated e-commerce site that is more robust and allows for many more features. Plus, the Sisters working with it say it is very user-friendly.

Among other things you'll be able to create a Wish List, Gift Registry and yes, sign up for the Affiliate Program!

Please pray that the change over is smooth and successful! We'll keep you updated! Our old store will be open for business January 3.

How about dropping in to the Cloister Shoppe and looking around (use the sidebar).  Even if you don't buy something now, you might remember it later when you will buy something.   And guys, there's even stuff for you there.

The sisters run a delightful blog too.  Check it out:

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