Thursday, December 21, 2006

Video "God in the Streets of New York"

Before I leave you with this beautiful video clip, I would like to ask for your prayers for my mom who is in the hospital receiving a blood transfusion. Mom has suffered from anemia and renal insufficiency (her kidneys are not working as well as they should) for over a year now and her blood count was low enough to require hospitalization. She has been through this before and I am hopeful she will be home - perhaps in time for Christmas.

I also want to point out a spelling error on my post pertaining to Gaudete Sunday where I used two "t's". Upon fixing it in the title, I realized I broke everyone's links so I returned the title to its errant state and found the links working again.

Now, to the video with a hat-tip to Dom at Bettnet. This was done by the same outfit - Grassroots Films - which brought us Fishers of Men for vocations - a tastefully made short film which shows the priesthood in a positive light. These films also have a tendency to promote things like Eucharistic adoration, or in the case of this new film, "God in the Streets of New York" - Eucharistic Processions. If you look carefully, you will see that Fr. Benedict Groeschel and his friars appear in the video. It undoubtedly is a masculine portrayal of the priesthood, as well. If you are registered with YouTube, consider logging in and voting. I gave it a five star.

Blogging will be light due to the holidays and with my mother's situation.

I would like to provide a reminder now for the upcoming Orchestral Masses at Grotto. In addition, I've just learned that the Assumption Schola will perform at the 4:00pm Christmas Eve Vigil. You may recall this all-male schola singing at the noon Mass on Easter Sunday, as well as monthly at the noon Mass. They are truly gifted and a blessing to hear at Assumption Grotto.

One other reminder is that of Archbishop Burke coming to Assumption Grotto on December 30. Please mark your calendars. It is a free event that is aimed at Marian Cathechists, but is open to all.