Saturday, July 15, 2006

Opus Angelorum CD Available on Consecration to Mary!

EDIT 16-July-2006: Hold this thought, as I did not see it at the Grotto gift shop. And, being that it is not on their website, it could be that I misunderstood the email. Perhaps they are working on it. I'll find out and get back with you on this.

"Ask, and you shall receive!"

I inquired, as promised in this post on the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, about the availability of CD's from the conference on the subject, provided by Fr. Titus Keininger, ORC at Assumption Grotto last year around this time. I remember how well packed the lounge was that day, as it always is, when the Priests of Opus Angelorum, aka Fathers of the Holy Cross hold a Day of Recollection.

For anyone in the midst of the 33 day preparation through the St. Louis de Montfort method for an August 15th consecration, this CD would aid your understanding of the value of the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, but also answer many questions you may have. If you are not doing the consecration this time around, but are considering it for later, now is the time to understand what it is all about, so you can plunge right in when you are ready. For those already consecrated, this CD will be a welcome opportunity to revisit the many beautiful and imporant things Fr. Titus provided that day. I plan to purchase it myself!

If you are a Grotto parishioner, or Grotto-goer - one who drops in now and then, these CD's should be available in the Assumption Grotto Giftshop and Cafe, open after the 9:30 and Noon Masses on Sunday, and M-F from arund 8:45-10:00am.

If you are not local and want a copy, I encourage you to either email or call them and ask how you can have it delivered. I don't see it up on their website, or on the Grotto Press website which also has some of these CD's but I will inquire. In the meanwhile, here is their contact information. Just explain that you are not local, but would like to purchase it.

I don't have the cost, but they are usually $12.00 for a two-disc set.

Work of the Holy Angels®
13800 Gratiot Ave.
Detroit, MI 48205 USA
(313) 527-1739 Fax (313) 527-1729

Here is a brief description, emailed to me:

"Pope John Paul II, who was deeply devoted to Mary, often encouraged the faithful to consecrate their lives to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Consecration to Mary has its biblical foundation in Our Lord's words on the Cross, "Behold your mother."

St. Louis de Monfort developed the theology of this consecration. In these two conferences Fr. Titus first presents St. Louis de Montfort's (1673-1716) understanding of the total Consecration to Mary, based in the Will of the Divine Persons and on the sacrament of Baptism, and given some characteristics. Then he discusses some complementary questions as the remaining freedom of the consecrated person and the possibility of additional consecrations to angels or Saints.

It is part of the fruit of this Consecration, that the persons' total surrender to God disposes them to fulfill the Will of God whenever, wherever, however, and through whom ever He wants to lead their life. They find evidently quicker and clearer to his or her vocation and final goal."

Lastly, I would like to use this opporutnity to draw your attention to the retreats given in various states by the priests of this order. Check it out, one may be coming to a place near you!

I will provide an update when the CD can be seen online.
God Bless!!!