Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Magister: An Interview with Domenico Bartolucci - "Maestro in Perpetuo"

H/T to John B who originally sent me a tip on this story, which I had confused with the earlier coverage given by Sandro Magister here when Pope Benedict sat at the concert offered by Domenico Bartolucci. As Magister pointed out, this was very symbolic.

I will let Fr. Z walk you through this interview, and after you've read his end of it, be sure to read the entire interview at Magister's site. The link to Magister is below, but I recommend reading Father's coverage and then following that link embedded within his blog.

Fr. Z says...

There was a great interview with the former (if this makes sense) "Maestro in perpetuo" of the Sistine Chapel Choir, Mons. Domenico Bartolucci. In keeping with the usual practice of men who are over 90, lucid, expert, and thwarted, Bartolucci has something to say, and – oh my – does he say it. Sandro of Espresso has done us a great service to publish this frank interview here is are excerpts, but you must read it yourselves.

Background: Curial officials such as His Excellency Piero Marini (Master of the Pontifical Ceremonies) engineered Bartolucci’s downfall when the Pope was declining. The late Pope wasn’t too interested in the sort of music Bartolucci championed but he upheld it. I cannot fathom that had the Pope still been healthy anyone would have perpetrated the injustice done to Bartolucci. Also, recently there was a concert in the Sistina with Bartolucci which the Pope attended. Cardinal Ratzinger had been a lonely supporter of Bartolucci when he was being attacked. Ssay what you want about the quality of the music he produced, his ideas are spot on. His ideas are in harmony with the Pope’s position on sacred music. In what follows find my emphasis and [my commentary].

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