Friday, July 14, 2006

Fr. Frank Pavone: Voting with a Clear Conscience

I heard Janet Morana of Priests for Life being interviewed by Teresa Tomeo on Ave Maria Radio this morning, and had the pleasure of hearing several of Fr. Frank Pavone's homilies. He is there taping this week and has had all of the morning Masses from the 9th through the 16th. He was on fire and if you don't believe me, download the audios from EWTN's homily archive for each day. You'll want to stand up and cheer! He calls it out, digging into all kinds of issues.

But I want to draw your attention to something Teresa and Janet were talking about. These booklets. You can read it online, or email for it, or call a number they have. Click on the picture below to get to that page on their site.

If you read this in the next few minutes, Defending Life will be on EWTN. Actually, it's starting in 2 minutes from now and they will be talking about this booklet, and they need people to contact their representative regarding the hearing on cloning that is soon coming.

To all Catholic Bloggers: Lets' get the word out!!!

What if no candidate seems right?