Sunday, May 28, 2006

More evidence of spring?

MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, May 24, 2006 ( - Graduates and their families got an unexpected earful of Catholic doctrine at the graduation ceremonies of St. Thomas University this weekend. Ben Kessler, a well-known student recently honoured by peers and faculty as Tommie of the Year, spoke of the "selfishness" of birth control and extra-marital sex.

An audible roar of protest erupted when Kessler asked, "What in society is selfish? I would point to the common practice of birth control…Birth control is selfish." On a videotape of the speech obscene comments can be heard as well as shouts of "Way to go Matt!" whistles and cheers. The tape shows numerous students and parents leaving the ceremony. Kessler was interrupted several times by his audience but carried on.

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You'll find a video there too, but I would urge caution if you have dialup.

This guy will make a fine priest some day.

Here is another article at the site: No Room for Conception

By Ruben Obregon

This past weekend graduates of Saint Thomas University were treated to a surprising speech by 21-year-old graduating student Ben Kessler. Some graduates walked out, many jeered, and others spewed profanities in response to his speech.

Just what did he speak of which caused such an outcry? The War in Iraq? Border control? NSA spying? None of the above.

So, what exactly did Mr. Kessler do wrong? He touched society's third rail: contraception. Mr. Kessler had the audacity to call the use of birth control "an act of selfishness."

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In the "old days" of the 60's, it was popular to speak out against undiscussible issues - like, free love. Well, it may be unpopular right now for people to go against the free-love grain, but in years to come this will change. In an era when there is more sympathy (rights and protections) for a developing turtle in an egg, it is refreshing to hear anyone speak out for the rights of the developing humans aborted through contraception. I only learned this past year myself while watching Fr. Frank Pavone discuss it on EWTN - that "the pill" doesn't prevent contraception. Rather, it is an abortifacient!

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life explains in this link. Click the pic for Fr. Pavone's bio.