Saturday, April 29, 2006

Seeking Solid Catholic Priests, and Professors

I have a small jackpot worth of material from solid Catholic priests, professors, and more. However, I believe combining this with what others have is far more robust.

If you know of an order, priest, or professor that may not have the visibility they deserve, please email me the information, and any pertinent links. We need to have access to writings and material that may be on line. It could be the parish website, a blog, or other. I'll continue to profile them - a few each week, then add them in the appropriate spot in my sidebar. This sidebar will be slightly reorganized to accomplish this.

This blog will only promote persons and material that are fully aligned with the Magisterium. Dissenters need not apply - they get plenty of visibility in mainstream media.

If you are a priest or professor with a solid catholic site, please tell us about yourself in our comments section, or send me an email.