Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Assumption Grotto and Fr. Eduard Perrone on EWTN

Now I would like to turn everyone's attention to something old - the audios found in EWTN's audio section. It was "new" for me as it will be for many of you. But, I think you will find these things inspiring.

Enjoy this first talk, then consider listening to two more in which Deal Hudson of Crisis Magazine interviews Fr. Perrone, also available through the EWTN media library. In the first audio, Mother Angelica discusses a variety of topics, from the music program, to parishioners opening themselves to every life that God wants to give them, the liturgy, and more.

The photos are not typical of what we see in American Catholicism, nor are any of the talks, homilies and writings you'll find through this blog - ahhhhh....it must be spring time.

Solid, orthodox Catholicism with solemn liturgies: It has nothing to do with age - it's a state of mind.

Mother Angelica Live - A Conversation with Fr. Eduard Perrone

Church and Culture Today - Three French Sacred Music Composers

Church and Culture Today - Assumption Grotto Church