Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rumor: Change coming at Congregation for Divine Worship?

This is a big one.

Is this Cardinal retiring next month....

And, being replaced by this Cardinal?

There is considerable buzz on the internet that with the 76 year old Cardinal Arinze's Jubilee coming up on November 23 it is thought that his replacement will be announced.....soon. It just so happens that the Cardinal from Spain was received by the Holy Father today, in audience, as reported by the Vatican's daily Bollettino (and provided later in English at the Vatican Information Service - VIS).

Both Fr. Z and the New Liturgical Movement have more.

Many had long hoped for the candid Archbishop Ranjith, the current Secretary of the CDW would get the job. However, Cardinal Llovera is also very good. Scroll down to read the NLM post from June, entitled: "The Little Ratzinger" to head CDW?

If you want a clue about his liturgical taste, a picture is worth a thousand words:

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