Thursday, November 20, 2008

Real Catholic TV gets a Green Rating from Catholic Culture

One particular site that has been very useful to me is Catholic Culture. I regularly consult their site reviews. Here, explained at the site:

The Catholic Culture staff assigns grades to each web site it reviews. Individual grades are given in three distinct areas: Fidelity (to the Magisterium), Resources(Quality and Quantity), and Usability.

Please continue reading to find out more! (Click here to read about the ratings system in detail).

Today, I learned in the broadcast below, that Real Catholic TV has earned a green rating at Catholic Culture which means it meets all criteria favorably.

You can watch several things free each day. I use the "full screen mode" and let it run. Here is the news for today with Vic Faust. I encourage you to watch the whole clip as there are several stories in here that I wanted to cover, but just don't have time. That is the benefit of watching the news each day at Real Catholic TV is you pick up several Catholic and culture of life stories in a matter of minutes. You can also watch Michael Voris' brief commentaries in the Vortex, as well as watch a clip about the saint of the day, and what took place on this day. There are also video clip messages coming in from Bishops that you can watch for free. Real Catholic TV has many premium options too for $10.00 monthly - unique programming.

[Note: Embedded video removed due to problems with a particular virus software which sees certain parts of embed code as malware. All videos were removed from my front page for the time being to spare people panic from this false virus]

I don't embed as many samples from Real Catholic TV as I would like because they seem to make the loading of my homepage buggy. I've reported it previously and don't know if it's unique to blogger or not. Drop me an email at if you experience any problems with my homepage stalling to load with this video embedded. It seems I can only work with it in HTML mode once I have pasted in the code (things freeze up in "compose" mode as the video attempts to start playing, then shuts off).

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