Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's "Ineffable"!

This afternoon, thanks to EWTN, I got to watch the discussion of Bishops discussing the section of missal translation rejected in June. Earlier in the day, there were some interesting discussions and comments surrounding "Catholic Teaching in Political Life". I plan on heading over to Grotto and will try to put something together after I return.

Back to the liturgical issue at hand - the Proper of Seasons for the new rendering of the Roman Missal, there was a bit of interesting discussion surround the word "ineffable". Bishop Trautman of Erie, PA suggested that the word "divine" or "eternal" be used as a substitution for "ineffable". His argument was that the ordinary person will not understand it.

Bishop Allen Vigneron of Oakland asked whether it should be "divine" or "eternal" to which Bishop Trautman said, "Divine". Well, let's look at the definition of "ineffable".

  1. Incapable of being expressed; indescribable or unutterable. See synonyms at unspeakable.
  2. Not to be uttered; taboo: the ineffable name of God.
I believe it was Divine Worship Chair Bishop Serratelli who explained that neither "divine" or "eternal" fit as translations for "ineffable".

Former Auxiliary, Bishop Earl Boyea, now the Bishop of Lansing, won the day with applause when he suggested to his brother bishops: Let's just teach the people what "ineffable" means.

The bishops voted overwhelmingly for, "ineffable". But, not before Bishop Serratelli pointed out that "ineffable" was not an unspeakable matter (ok, so he made a funny).

I'm sure there will be video on these discussions available later. I consider WDTPRS - What Does the Prayer Really Say - the blog of Fr. Z, to be the best place to go for further commentary on all things liturgical. I also recommend visiting The New Liturgical Movement. The well stuffed comboxes alone are great to read, as well at these two sites.

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