Friday, November 28, 2008

Is this what Christmas is about? Man trampled to death!

This is absolutely horrifying. It was only a few years ago, before I got serious about my faith that I use to go out the day after Thanksgiving to the malls and "fight" the crowds. I regret how much I use to spend on gifts every year when I should have been giving more of that money to worthy charities.

How many people buying so-called "Christmas gifts" participated in this kind of madness all across the US?

Christmas is not about going nuts for bargains!

A 34-year-old man died and a 28-year-old woman suffered an apparent miscarriage when they were trampled in a rush of Black Friday shoppers at a Long Island mall today, police said.

Long lines of shoppers thronged outside the Wal-Mart at the Green Acres mall in Valley Stream before it opened for post-Thanksgiving business at 5 a.m.

"When the doors opened, all hell broke loose," a law enforcement source told The Post.


An unidentified man, believed to be a store employee who tried to restrain the oncoming juggernaut, was knocked to the ground at 5:03 a.m.

He was rushed to a local hospital but declared dead at 6:03, police said.

Four other people were hospitalized, including the pregnant woman. She was knocked to the store floor a short distance from where the 34-year-old man was trampled.

The other three people taken to hospitals suffered minor injuries.

Source: New York Post, 11:16am update (Note: this is a fresh news story which may be updated several times within the provided link. What is provided above is a snapshot in time).

God help us when people have to die for the sake of a bargain.

UPDATE at 4:07pm: Fox News is reporting that woman trampled, who is 8 months pregnant has not miscarried. If someone gets a later update, feel free to drop a note in the combox.

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