Sunday, November 30, 2008

Grotto Musical: The Heritance - This Wednesdsay, Friday and Next Sunday

Young people and some adults roll mini-posters for The Heritance - an original musical stage play with some 60 parishioners involved, mostly young people. These folks have been enduring 4-5 hour rehearsals, 2-3 times weekly for a few months now. Many more hours went into carpentry, sound system setup, lighting and more. Let's pack the gym!!!

Just a reminder that the Grotto musical production, The Heritance, runs this Wednesday, Friday (7:00pm), and this coming Sunday (3:00pm). Tickets were suppose to be in the gift shop after the 9:30 am Mass, but they were still at the rectory. You should be able to get your tickets at the door (click on the poster below for details).

See my previous post for an article that appeared in the local Detroit Free Press recently which included an interview with Grotto's pastor, Fr. Eduard Perrone, who wrote the music for the symphony which will be in the mock "pit" for all three performances this time.

Sorry I can't show any photos from the stage rehearsals, but I can show you some of what was going on in the pre-rehearsal hours (makeup and microphones take hours to put on the many performers so they are there hours ahead of time).

When you are just a baby and your mom and dad are in the show, there is no shortage of people to watch you at Assumption Grotto - a place with lots of families and kids.

Fr. Perrone makes a last minute adjustment to the music.

Posters! Posters! And, more Posters! Some of our youngest performers worked very hard on stage and off. And, you should hear them sing in their solos!!!!

Fr. Perrone gets a little mental conducting practice down as the piano plays for the practice sessions.

Young people are involved in many facets of the production. The laptop shown will run words being sung above the stage so the audience can see the lyrics.

And, the folks had all kinds of ways to help pass the time in between action.

The there!!!

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