Saturday, June 30, 2007

Motu Proprio News at Lightening Speed

It's impossible for me to keep up on motu proprio news especially given that I was gone most of Friday, will be gone most of today, and all day Sunday. And, as reader Lynne pointed out, if you are truly interested in motu proprio news, you may want to be checking Fr. Z's site hourly, not daily - no joke. Father is a prolific writer, with great analysis skills and a wealth of knowledge, which is what makes him the best resource. We are grateful for his participation. The Sabine Farm is abuzzing.

I'll try to update that news post once daily with various things I come across, but most of it will come from Fr. Z because of the analysis he provides with it.

Also, next week I am on vacation - a working vacation to de-junk and organize my house. I have promised the Blessed Mother, after asking for her assistance, that I would not be on the computer all day. At most, I'll be posting once daily - by the grace of God.

A quick note to those who don't know - Assumption Grotto's 7:30am morning Mass is held at the outdoor grotto, weather permitting. If you are on vacation - get out of bed and come to Mass. You won't regret it. With our pastor on a month-long vacation for the month of July, I am assuming this will continue. There are fewer priests overall right now with the Priests of Opus Angelorum out doing retreats, so this may affect the Mass schedules.

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