Saturday, June 30, 2007

Helpers Prayer Vigil Today.......I had planned on going, but....

Well, I was up early enough, dressed and ready to go to the prayer vigil held by Helpers of God's Precious Infants today being led by Bishop Danny Flores, but I have been struggling with my asthma of late. I thought for sure that with the cooler, dry air, it would ease up. I've been leaving my windows open trying to "toughen up" and to cut down on cost. I'm not going to give up on this because my asthma has gotten worse over the years, something I feel is related to spending too much time in climate controlled environments. But, I suppose it would be smarter to do this gradually.

My thoughts and heart went out today to the many with asthma - especially children - who cannot afford air-conditioning which keeps irritants out. I have to be on guard when my asthma begins to flare after having spent 4 months on medical with something called a paroxysmal cough (I've suspected for some time it was actually whooping cough but this can only be proven before the violent cough begins. Among other unmentionables, I did break a rib and was "down" - unable to work for 4 months). Regardless, it has me taking my asthma very seriously. And, it was that medical which re-awakened me to my Catholic faith. Hence, God has a purpose for everything - sometimes visible to us and sometimes not.

I want to use this opportunity to point out that you can help the Helpers even when you cannot be at a prayer vigil, or out on a regular basis. They are always looking for Prayer Warriors. I need to add this kind of material to the HGPI-Michigan blog.

I am going to a morning daily Mass today, and will offer my Rosary for the Helpers, as well. Please join me, even if only in prayer to save the lives of babies, and to save the mothers and families from the grief associated with abortion.

If someone has photos of today's event, please email me a few so I may post them on the Helper's site. I'm going to miss the Mass by Bishop Flores. He is moving speaker, and a very fine bishop who had Mass at the 2007 Call to Holiness conference in Wyanodotte.

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Pray for us!

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