Wednesday, July 19, 2006 - A must use internet search tool!!!

Please go to the Helpers of God's Precious Infants of Micighan Blog to read about a new search tool called:

You search using their tool instead of going to Google, Yahoo or other places, and they donate money to Pro-Life Charities.

Advertising with them is also very cheap in contrast to other services.

Pro-Life bloggers and web-developers reading this blog should draw attention to this, and place a link to the tool in their sidebar near the top. I'm going to do this next time I edit my own template.

You can get to the HGPI-Michigan blog anytime from this blog by clicking on the Our Lady of Guadalupe in the sidebar!

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Crossroads Pro-Life said...

Wanted to let you know the new version of this site is -- the old one shut down and this one is doing the same thing, except in an open and verifiable manner. Every time someone searches, 100% of the proceeds go to pro-life efforts. - Jim Nolan