Thursday, August 23, 2007

Anointing & Benediction Video Moved to

EDIT: GodTube seems to be down at the moment (perhaps they too have been hit by storms).

With a violent storm approaching I have only a moment to pass along that I have done some adjustments, added two photos to the video slideshow on the Anointing and Benediction on August 15th, 2007, and have moved it to GodTube was working today.

It is no longer on YouTube so any links to that will be broken. YouTube did not provide any way to filter out what kind of content gets advertised next to my video. Unfortunately, some very unholy videos were made with keywords we typically assocate with holy things. This made their program think I would want those video's shown next to my video as "related". Not!

I understand some people were very upset by what they saw, and I cannot blame them. With Cardinal Rigali, the Filippino Bishops Conference, and other priests & bishops making use of YouTube, I did not see why we couldn't do so too. Fortunately for them, I don't see the kind of vile titles showing up next to their videos. I was unable to find a way to regulate this within YouTube, and was turned off by something else: Very foul language in the comment sections of ordinary videos like one of Hurrican Dean from space. There is software technology they can use to prevent these typed words from showing up, or the software can jumble them. Many sites will suspend or ban people who repeatedly try to use foul language. YouTube appears out of control as much of what I experienced shocked me and there was nothing I could do about any of it, but leave, which I did.

The software at GodTube even thought the name of our parish - Assumption - was a bad word (presumably because of the first three letters). It was being displayed as, !^&#xum;ption . I had to use hyphens between the first few characters in order to get the name of our parish in the description.

Original post still contains an embedded video, but it is now via GodTube. I would be interested to know if anyone seeing it now senses the quality is far better than it was with YouTube. It loaded better, and the pictures were clearer. For those who seen the previous version, I would like to know what you see on quality.

I want to encourage other Catholics to make use of There is a channel for the Catholic Church. We may get some exposure to people of other faiths, but the moral trash should not be an issue. I have turned comments off so that those who do not understand our faith cannot lead weakly catechized Catholics astray.

Without further delay, and because the lightening is as intense as I have seen, this video replaces the previous. Please email me at if there are any further issues.

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