Friday, August 17, 2007

Coach needed to help me build slideshow video

UPDATE 2: Success! I've been working for 14 hours straight and finally have 3/4 of a production made on the first part of the day. I want to separate the evening Mass and put it into it's own video slideshow. That is when pics taken in the evening will be shown.

Right now I'm struggling with audio, but have one part of it locked in quite well through the Anointing of the Sick and Benediction. All I can say is that my Guardian Angel must be making things fall into place. I popped the soundtrack into the segment I wanted, not knowing if it was the right length or how the pics would fall with the changing tones and BAM - it just kind of happened with only a little tweaking needed. I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's going together. I think I'll go to bed now *yawn*.

UPDATE: Well, it's approaching 5 hours now since I began to install Studio Pinnacle and it appears I may be on my way. Apparently, what appeared to be a botched installation was actually successful. But, I may find otherwise at some point in the process.

Thanks to all who responded so quickly.


Some have been asking where the pictures are from Assumption Day at Assumption Grotto, recognizing that by this time I would have posted more.

Truth of the matter is that it is very labor intensive and time-consuming to make 23 photo posts as I did last year, and that method takes up server space here or at another location I store them. I want to make a video slide-show and set it to music. I hope to then post it on a place like, which is a Christian website spinoff of YouTube.

I have Studio Pinnacle 11.0 Ultimate which can do this, but I'm having installation problems and losing my vacation day (planned for this purpose) to technical difficulties.

Are there other options out there?

I basically want to set it to music AND be able to transition the timing of the slides to match the music. Is there anything free that I can use which will do this?

If I get Studio Pinnacle up and running I may want someone to consult with on that if any of my readers know how to use it, specifically version 11. I bought it to work with video I've been capturing, but also know it can be used for creating slideshows.

Email me at if you are willing to help me via email. I need a coach or two.

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