Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Grotto Video: Anointing & Benediction on Assumption Day

EDIT 8-23-2007: Video has been pulled from YouTube and has been uploaded to GodTube where we hope siteowners ensure we aren't led into exposure to videos that are displeasing to God. There was no way to block or control which videos were being "advertised" next to mine and some of them were quite inappropriate.

This is the first in a series of slide-show videos that I hope to bring you on Assumption Day 2007 at Assumption Grotto. This is not something I can do with frequency as it is highly labor and time intensive and it will be a week or two before I try to complete another segment.

I originally intended to put this up on GodTube.com - a service similar to YouTube.com, but without the trash. However, their upload service was down and I had no idea how long it would take to be available. I plan to eventually move there. Lesson Learned: Wait next time.

This roughly 3 minute video was not intended to be my first production. It was part of a longer, 6 minute clip which some of you seen when I brought my laptop to Grotto. This segment, which features the Sacrament of the Sick and Benediction which took place in the afternoon on August 15, 2007. It was so moving and so beautiful, it deserved to be pulled out so that it could stand alone.

May it be a testimony for the Sacrament of the Sick, for Benediction and most of all, for our Eucharistic Lord. I wanted to capture this sacrament and the mercy and compassion with which it is given. The faces of the priests tell the story. I merely captured it.

I owe it all to the Blessed Mother and the holy angels who made everything fall right into place. The royalty-free music you will hear fell beautifully over the piece, with only minor adjustments needed here and there in timing.

I highly recommend hitting the pause button right after you click twice in the window to start it. Let the video load first (you'll see the red bar struggling along). When it is loaded, then press the play button and it will not be interrupted. Try to use the sound as it really boosts the overall quality of the piece.


It was brought to my attention that people may mistakenly believe this was one of those communal type anointing services where everyone and their uncle gets anointed casually. Those of you who know Fr. Perrone and Assumption Grotto know this kind of thing would never happen.

At Assumption Grotto on August 15th - our feast day - the priests, lots of them, offer sacramental Confession before the Anointing of the Sick. It is announced over the PA by Fr. Perrone - the conditions for receiving this sacrament, one of which is to be in the state of grace. One cannot use the Sacrament in lieu of confession, if one is capable of confessing. It's different for someone who is comatose and dying. The person cannot confess.

Fr. Perrone listed several other conditions. Bottom line is that because you have an annoying hang-nail, you don't need to have the Sacrament of the Sick. But, if you are very elderly and frail, then you could meet criteria.

Bloggers, by all means, embed this video and give it exposure if you are so compelled after viewing it. The (updated) embed code for your html page can be found here. For those emailing, please send a direct link to this blogpost rather than the homepage. It can be found by clicking on the time-stamp at the bottom of the post and copying the URL.

Feedback in my combox, or at YouTube is welcome. Both are on moderation.

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Peter Simpson said...

Thank you Diane for all your perseverance in getting this video up and running - it is indeed very moving. I look forward to seeing your other videos of the Feast of the Assumption. I have never tried posting anything like this myself - and imagine it not only needs skill but also plenty of patience.

Diane said...

Peter: I'm not normally a patient person by nature. Despite the problems, I was graced with considerable patience and determination. I must say that so many things just fell into place once the software loading problems were resolved.

I actually rebuilt this from scratch in just a couple of hours since I wanted to totally separate it from the piece with which it was joined. Contrast that with the 14 hours I spent between software load issues, and the learning curves I encountered.

Throughoug my career as a vehicle designer and design engineer, I have been forced to "hunt and peck" my way through new software and updates. After a while it just becomes second-nature to keep poking away at it until you get a program to do what you want, if it has those capabilities.

Anonymous said...

It was very moving piece. Thanks for
sharing your gifts to promote the beauty of the church-Linda Rose

Robert said...


Thank you for your ministry.