Sunday, January 8, 2012

In publication for 111 years, Homiletic and Pastoral Review goes online exclusively

I was really glad to read that Homiletic and Pastoral Review HPR) is now online. Unfortunately for those who like something in hand, it is no longer available in print.  This is understandable.  Most people now get their information online and print publications are struggling to keep up.   By the time something hits the press, it's already old news. HPR's articles are pretty timeless for the most part, and not necessarily based on current events.   It's just good wholesome Catholic reading, aimed at priests, but with a large base of consecrated, and laity, reading it.  This solid, orthodox periodical has been in existence for 111 years!  

Here was the announcment:

Welcome to the first-ever electronic issue of Homiletic and Pastoral Review!

After 111 years, the “what” we publish – to provide essays and homilies on the truths and the beauty of Jesus Christ and his one, true Church; and the “why” we publish—to help save souls; both remain the same. But the “how” we publish has changed. We are in no way ceasing publication, but the world of publishing is changing drastically before our very eyes.

In fact, recent studies show that 70 percent of what men read (vir, not homo!), they read in some electronic format. This is a reality that has to be faced. The Ignatius Press staff and I can only trust that we are meeting this new reality in the most prudent and efficient way possible: bringing HPR into the digital age. Admittedly, this is still very much a work-in-progress. If, therefore, you have any suggestions for me, or the staff, please send us an email at:

May the Newborn bless your New Year, and may he bless all our different ways of evangelizing and serving him in the year ahead!

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!
Fr. David Meconi, S.J.

I wrote an article - actually, a testimonial - about when I first came to Assumption Grotto in May of 2005.  It was an "Alice in Wonderland" moment and the sights, sounds, and smells had me writing about what I was witnessing and how the Mass (celebrated at Assumption Grotto), when celebrated in a reserved and reverent way, changed my understanding of the Mass, and my life.  Before really meeting anyone, thoughts were free-flowing, such as when I first realized that worship should always be unconditional - something we give to God, not for our sake or when we feel like it, but for God's sake.  This is the  most unselfish way to worship, and give God His due. I also learned that God should be at the center, not us.  Therefore, I named my testimonial Unconditional Worship in the God-centered Mass It appeared in the April 2006 issue after being accepted by Fr. Kenneth Baker, SJ back in the summer of 2005 when I wrote it, just about two months after arriving at Grotto.   I will have to publish that here some time. 

It looks like they are slowly uploading from their archives.  This is very good because there is a wealth of scholarly work available by some of the best thinkers in Catholicism.  They have always made available one key article per month.  Now it will be great to have access to an increasing volume of work on the web.  Hopefully, it will be searchbale.  I have yet to figure out if this will all be free, or if there will be some fee for accessing certain content.  All I know is that it is good to see the articles starting to flow online. 

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