Sunday, January 29, 2012

Great cooking cheat: Egg poaching pods!

Two eggs poached in Fusion brand pods (and a slip of the pepper shaker)

I'll never match the culinary skills of that great cleric-chef, Father Z.

So, when no one is looking, I take short cuts.

If you want to read how easy it is to make poached eggs with the Fusion brand egg poaching pods, take a look at the list of steps at a blog I set up some time ago for cooking notes.  I initiated it a few years ago to transfer some of my mom's European recipes, but just haven't had an opportunity. 

I took the picture above, and below, near the Christmas break.  I hadn't used a particular pepper-shaker for a while and, well, the holes were bigger than I realized. LOL

You MUST use a lid for them to work right!
I'm surprised how many videos on YouTube show the eggs cooking, without a lid. This is wrong.  You have to understand the science behind it.  The eggs cook from the bottom and sides while in the water, but the top is steamed when the cover is on.  This allowed for even cooking from all sides.  Without the lid, you could wait 15 minutes or more to get the desired results, and the whites will be like rubber.

Here is one of the few, short videos I was able to find that got it right.

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