Friday, August 31, 2007

Catholic Culture: Have the Laity been Clericalized?

This is a copy of an email I receive from Jeff Mirus of Catholic Culture - a wonderful website with a wealth of documents, articles, and even Catholic website reviews. Those reviews, which result in a red, yellow or green status, are spot on. They do not give that red status to websites without good reason, such as containing content that is not in accord with Church teaching. Some websites, as you know, have content which is way off base and in our poorly catechized era, it is helpful to look at the specific issues they highlight in such cases.

Jeff notifies us about his column which is up and talks a little about that in his introductory letter. Follow the links accordingly.

Have the Laity Been Clericalized?

I noted with considerable interest the Symposium on Lay Ecclesial Ministry held this month at St. John's College in Minnesota. A featured speaker called the increase in lay ministry one of the most important paradigm shifts in the history of the Church.

Now I'm always on the lookout for the latest paradigm shift, especially when the shift is attributed to Vatican II. So I returned to the documents to read the shift's blueprint, so to speak. But the blueprint and the shift were different.

Perhaps you'll be interested in what I found:

Lay Ecclesial Ministry and the Vatican II Generation

I've posted my column a day early because I have to be out of the office tomorrow. But there are a couple of other items well worth noting. For example, we've just added a speech by Bishop Fabien Bruskewitz of Lincoln on The Development of Doctrine. If you've ever wondered why Bruskewitz is so heartily disliked by Modernists, this will make it very clear.

And I can't resist alerting those of you with small children to a very entertaining web site for Catholic kids called Cat.Chat. Not a bad thing to file away, perhaps, on the long weekend of Summer's last gasp.

Jeff Mirus, President, Trinity Communications

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Ryan adams said...

Dear Diane,

I just wanted you to be aware if you are not already that God Tube has many anti-Catholic videos. There is Catholic Tube but it seems to be still in the development. Also you might be interested in seeing this beautiful Maronite rite, the consecration is so beautiful:

Diane said...

I'm now hosting on GodTube and will continue monitoring Catholic Tube. That sounds even better.

I'll check out the link at some point when I have a little more time. Thanks.

japhy said...

Thanks for pointing out those two articles. I'm reading them now.

Diane said...

I did not have enough time to read it in full myself and just completed it. I couldn't agree more with Dr. Mirus' conclusions.

Also, I think if we look at those parishes that have a "spirit of V2" culture about them - that is - making changes the church DID NOT call for, in the name of Vatican 2, we find a sea of gray hair, and far fewer young people. In contrast, younger people are gravitating to more traditional and doctrinally orthodox parishes. They value what the Church has handed down to us and work to understand and follow Church teaching, not challenge it. Many among the "spirit of V2" generation aren't content unless they are challenging something.