Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photopost: Moving truck takes down wires

It was an interesting day.  I decided to take a rest in my recliner this afternoon around 1:30 and the power went out just as I heard this distinctive high voltage sound.  I jumped up, looked out my window and saw a moving van parked on the exit with wires draped over the top.  When I got out there, I found two poles snapped - one of them in at least four places.  Thanks be to God, no one was hurt, including the man whose vehicle above is shown with wires in the front wheel well.  

Power was restored around 8:30pm.  Unfortunately, police have not been letting anyone come or go out of the complex.  There is only one entrance/exit and if it is blocked for any reason, no one else can get in or out.  We are still hindered from coming or going because the wires are still covering the way in.

There are a few more pics here.

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