Saturday, January 23, 2010

Video: Bishop Athanasius Schneider, ORC discusses reception of Holy Communion

Bishop Athanasius Schneider, ORC, talks about reception of Holy Communion in this EWTN Live segment with Fr. Mitch Pacwa.  I saw this when it aired on EWTN back in late 2008 (it was originally recorded while he was in the US in July of 2008).  He was at my parish for about 10 days, but made short trips to a few locations, including Hanceville, AL for his interview.

You can view the gallery of photos I took duirng his trips to Detroit.  I photographed him in 2008 at my own parish, Assumption Grotto, at Ss Cyril & Methodius in Sterling Heights, MI, and in 2009 at the Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak during the Call to Holiness.

His Excellency has a profound way of getting the point across about reverence for the Holy Eucharist.  He received his First Holy Communion in secrecy in Kazakhstan, the discusses how shocked he was to learn on his first trip to Germany, that people were receiving the Eucharist in the hand, I think back in the 70's.  Bishop Schneider has a doctorate in Patristics and used his knowledge to dig deep into the subject of reception of Holy Communion going back to early Church, through modern times.  Many believe that his boo, Dominus Est, is what prompted the Holy Father to begin distributing Communion with the use of a kneeler, and on the tongue.  That practice began after an excerpt from Dominus Est ran in L'Osservatore Romano.  The cheapest place I have seen Dominus Est online is here

I have many other posts on Bishop Schneider (scroll), covering his visit here in Detroit and picking some news from other sources referencing him or his work.

Bishop Schneider prepares before Mass at Assumptio Grotto where he delivered the homily.

Here Bishop Schneider is in Elevation of the Chalice in an Ordinary Form Mass, celebrated ad orientem at Assumptio Grotto

Such a dignified Elevation of Our Lord in a Mass celebrated versus populum

Bishop Schneider speaks at the National Shrine of the Little Flower with a photo of St. Therese in the background.

The Bishop's ring is very simple:  The Miraculous Medal

The obedient are not held captive by Holy Mother Church; it is the disobedient who are held captive by the world!