Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008 - Midnight Mass in Extraordinary Form at Grotto: Photopost 2

I'm continuing to edit the photos in batches so that I can free up time to do some other things while I have some time off. Once again, as a note, I am having some difficulty with picture quality and I'm not sure if there is something wrong with the camera or not. I took some test pictures last night and have not yet looked at them.

This post covers the reading of the Epistle (first pic, through the homily).

Below, the Deacon (Fr. Paul Ward), kneeling holds up the Gospel before the Priest (Fr. Wolfgang Seitz, ORC).

He provides a ceremonial kiss to the celebrant's hand in what are called, the solita oscula. When the deacon hands something to the priest, he kisses the thing then the hand of the priest. When he receives something, he kisses the priest's hand, then the thing. It is, as I said, ceremonial. In some old texts, I've seen it referred to as a "liturgical kiss". But, we always keep in mind that the hand of the priest will soon confect the Body and Blood of Christ. Hence, it is not the hand of a mere man that the deacon kisses, but a man who, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is in persona Christi.

The Word of God is now incensed by the Deacon as the Subdeacon (Fr. John Bustamante) holds it.

The Priest turns towards the Word of God to hear it, the maniple on his left arm now clearly visible.

The Subdeacon brings the Book back to the priest, who kisses it in an act of love and reverence.

Altar boys, deacons, and priests in choir, listen to the homily......

Priest, Deacon and Subdeacon listen to the homily. But, wait...who delivered the homily?

We see our pastor, Fr. Perrone getting ready to conduct the orchestra and choir ahead of one of the numbers.

Fr. Perrone then emerged from the left side of the sanctuary and delivered a wonderful homily which I will try to get.

He then made his way to the back of the Church to begin the Credo...

I know for a fact, he did not bilocate. I was in the balcony and can verify he was not with the orchestra while he was giving us the homily.

More pictures to come when I edit them.

Update: See photopost 3 for a set of links to all photos taken.

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