Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gaudete Sunday 2008 at Assumption Grotto - TLM

I made a post before Mass today with pics from the Gaudete Sunday, Latin Novus Ordo (2006), not knowing if I would be fortunate enough to photograph it in the extraordinary form. There are only two days out of the year that Rose colored vestments are worn: Gaudete Sunday (in Advent) and Laetare Sunday (in Lent). Last year, there was a terrible ice storm and opted to walk to the parish next to my home.

Unfortunately, I was having all kinds of camera problems today, prompted hopefully, just by a lack of maintenance on my lenses. These are fine for the web, but up close there is a haze. Some of that is due to heavy incense smoke in the sanctuary, but the rest is most likely due to smudges I found on my lenses when I got home.

I'll post some here and you can see the rest taken today my Smugmug site (links at the bottom).

Most of the pics taken today are shown here, but if you want to see a few more, or see them in slideshow mode, follow these links. I recommend setting the speed to "Fast" in the upper left hand corner:
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