Saturday, May 31, 2008

Urge Gov Granholm to sign partial-birth abortion ban

I told you the other day about how a bishop is handling another governor. Let's pray that Governor Granholm does the right thing here and signs bill 776, which bans the brutal, partial-birth abortion.

You have a chance to have your voice heard and the Michigan Catholic Conference has made it easy with a fill-in form you just send in from this link. You can even edit the wording or just use what they have. If you want future alerts, keep the respective check box on, otherwise remove the checks. From the MCC site:

After having passed both the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives with overwhelming bipartisan majorities, legislation outlawing the gruesome procedure known as partial-birth abortion is headed to Governor Granholm's desk.

Michigan Catholic Conference is asking for Catholics across the state to contact the Governor and urge her to protect the dignity and sanctity of all human life by signing Senate Bill 776 into law. This legislation is similar to the federal partial-birth abortion ban that the U.S. Supreme Court last year found to be constitutional. Because SB 776 mirrors the federal ban in an effort to provide maximum protection to the unborn in the state, there is no chance any court can find the bill to be unconstitutional.

Please take a moment to contact Governor Granholm and urge her to respect the rights of women and the dignity of the unborn by signing Senate Bill 776 into law.

Use the form in this link to contact Granholm.

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