Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jewish Convert Rosalind Moss - Her last day at Catholic Answers...

If you listen to Catholic Answers on any Catholic radio station (I listen to from 6-8pm EST while working around the house), you may be familiar with the voice of Rosalind Moss.
Moss, 65, is a convert from Judaism to protestantism, and from protestantism to Catholicism. I have always enjoyed her enthusiastic explanations of the faith. There is nothing "worse" than a convert, for those who would oppose the faith. Setting that aside, Rosalind Moss works with class and dignity, constantly reminding people to love others, especially those with whom we must deal with.

Listening to Catholic Answers on the radio tonight, she informed us that it is her last day at Catholic Answers where she serves as an apologist. We were glad to hear that the program will continue to feature her, even though she will no longer be serving on the apologetics staff.

She is founding a new religious order called the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel's Hope in the archdiocese of St. Louis with the permission of Archbishop Raymond L. Burke. What better advocacy can you have than His Eminence, who also happens to be the Episcopal Moderator for the U.S. Consecrated Virgins.
Please keep Rosalind and her new community in your prayers. She works with total passion for the love of Christ.

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