Saturday, May 10, 2008

18th Child is on the Way for America's Pro-Life Family - the Duggars

The Duggar family, which has become famous through a television series for Discovery Health Channel is expecting their 18th child around New Year's Day. I just picked up on it at Yahoo! News.

The pro-life Christian family learned the hard way that the pill can be an abortifacient and were horrified at the thought that they had used it.

All of the children are homeschooled. They have a section of homeschooling links that will work well for Catholic families, as well, in particular

Read more about the Duggar family in their "about us" page. There you will learn that they built a 7000 sq ft debt free home.

I myself have never watched the program because I don't get Discovery Health (added fees for those channels). It's amazing how some families have difficulty living on two incomes with few children, while other couples manage to live on a single income with many children. How do they do it? I'm sure the answer lies in refraining from extravagant purchases and knowing the difference between needs and wants. But, the house looks lavishly finished. Unfortunately, some a link they have for Living Within your Finances did not seem to be working this morning. And, they probably are getting a good sum from the television show, which ..... good for them!!! I'd rather see families like this profiled on television than the latest unvirtuous program Hollywood has to offer.

Another interesting thing is how you make a house of so many run smoothly....

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