Friday, October 12, 2007

Palla Eius begins this Saturday at Grotto

Members of the "Palla Eius" cast practice a number just outside the stage before rehearsal

In the latest issue of the Lourde's Legacy online is the latest review of Palla Eius:

“ A Lourdes Grotto was dedicated yesterday with numerous Detroit families in Attendance.” - May 30, 1881

Palla Eius – “Her Mantle” in English – is an original musical play production now in
rehearsal for performance this October on the Assumption Grotto Stage. The celebration ofthat Detroit parish’s 175 anniversary prompted the enterprise, for which its pastor, Rev.Fr.Eduard Perrone, agreed to both compose the full musical score, and conduct the orchestra.

The fact the Palla Eius is “to honor Mary” drew ascent not only from the accomplished pianist and conductor pastor, but also from youth and adult parishioners with talent both experienced and novel. To accompany the cast of near thirty, thirteen orchestral musicians have been engaged, and the production’s top-notch choreographer was seen both in Hollywood and on Broadway stage.

If the director of Palla Eius did not have to o.k. this for print, his resume could also be penned, but he would rather have us applaud the music of Fr. Perrone. From act I set on board ship from Montreal to Detroit, through Act II in a Detroit boarding house, on to a Final act Grotto of exceptional consequence, there is quite a bit of evidence that Our Lady will indeed be honored, and a contented audience go forth humming tunes that will long remain in the heart. Though the Palla Eius story is only based on the building of Detroit’s miraculous Grotto, the rich personalities could very well have been, and two figures are indeed quite historic.

Come see what Detroit can look up to as breaking music-scene. Your might even feel the better musicals of Broadway looking over their shoulder at the wind on the Great Lakes…

ADULT $5.00/ C-13 $3.00/ FAMILY (INC CHILDREN –18) $20.00
To purchase tickets call (313) 332-4432

Grotto organist, Stefanie Nofar, playing the piano during rehearsal.

Actors join stage hands in changing sets between acts.

Another "behiind the scenes" photo during intermission

Photos from Monday when Catholic actor Leonardo Defilippis visited rehearsal

Photos from a previous practice

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