Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Leonardo Defilippis gets a private viewing of Palla Eius

The cast and crew of Palla Eius had a special visitor last evening for a private viewing: Catholic actor Leonardo Defilippis, who is in town for several more days performing the Confessions of Augustine. (See the schedule for Leonardo's remaining schedule in Michigan - Emmet, Royal Oak, Kalamazoo, and Southgate)

Palla Eius is an original musical stage play concepted by our own Sr. Maria Paschalis written into a script by 17 year old parishioner Renee Kray, directed by Joe Maher and turned into a full blown musical with original music written by Fr. Eduard Perrone - pastor of Assumption Grotto, who will conduct the orchestra. Professional dancer and choreographer Sonja Krolik has been working with the cast.

Here are some photos from last evening....

Leonardo Defilippis is flanked by Director Joe Maher and Sr. Maria Paschalis. It was Leonardo's only night off and he was kind enough to spend it in support of this great effort on the part of so many parishioners, primarily young people. He provided some pointers along the way, as well.

Fr. Perrone and Leonardo exchange some thoughts during the first intermission.

Choreographer Sonja Krolik and Fr. Perrone discuss some details.

"Fr. Van" leading the locals in singing.

Grotto accountant and local Barber, Sam Pizzo, plays a hardened, irreligious man (I keep telling Sam that he plays a really good jerk!)

Nigel Betts playing "Fr. Van" and Ray Long as another priest I don't want to name at this time. There is a "conspiracy" taking place here, but you'll have to see the play to learn what it is.

Elizabeth Powell in her role as the hardened man's daughter, makes a special plea to the Blessed Mother

There are so many other pictures I want to share, taken by myself and by Mike Powell, but I don't want to give away too much of the set, which was put together through the hard work of parish carpenters and other volunteers. I was shocked the first time those curtains opened once the props were all made and I wouldn't want to spoil that feeling for all of you. Know that there are far more talented actors and actresses from our parish involved and I will share more in the next two weeks.

Please support the efforts of the many people at Assumption Grotto who have worked tirelessly several days weekly for months now to make this production possible. As Leonardo pointed out during his talk to the cast and crew: This level of production for a parish stage play is very rare indeed, and the fact that it is all original - from the storyline, to the script, the music, the choreography, makes it all the more special.

It is.......Grotto!

Performances begin this coming Saturday. See the details and schedule in this post.

On behalf of all involved with Palla Eius, I would like to extend a warm thanks to Leonardo for taking time out of his very busy schedule to come to Assumption Grotto last evening.

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