Thursday, October 25, 2007

Franciscan University and the motu proprio - Fr. Z's mega post

The discussion over at Fr. Z's blog on Franciscan University of Steubenville and Summorum Pontificum is very interesting. I made mention of it the other day, but this is a thread well worth revisiting because he has been editing it daily with updates. He has kept the comment box closed - wisely, I think as this is one of those highly emotional issues.

You might want to ponder, that while the charismatic movement was big in the 70's, is there now a movement toward's a more traditional expression of our Catholic faith? I have strongly believed this for more than two years. This is where the discussion has headed in Fr. Z's continuously updated post.

That charismatics would think that they themselves are paving the way, and while other groups believe they are responsible for it, is proof to me that the Holy Spirit is acting in many quarters and guiding the faithful in a common direction. Deo Gratias - that we are being led by just the right man in Pope Benedict XVI to accelerate what the Holy Spirit has put into action. And, thanks be to God for a new generation of priests and bishops willing to humbly assist.

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