Monday, May 28, 2007

Pentecost 2007

Pentecost will always be very special to me because it not only marks my yearly anniversary with Grotto (second this year), it marks a point in which my life was radically changed.

For those who are newer to the blog, I wrote last Pentecost how the conscience-stirring words of Fr. Perrone in his weekly column lured me to Assumption Grotto.

See my post from Pentecost 2006 and to read about Fr. Perrone's "Fallacy of the Middle Ground"

I will be making separate posts on two priests who visited Assumption Grotto this weekend.

One of those priests was Fr. Tom Euteneuer of Human Life International, the other was Fr. Aidan Logan, O.C.s.o. - a chaplain at the US Naval Academy.