Monday, May 14, 2007

Call to Holiness 2007: Dr. Robert Fastiggi

I mentioned in my previous post that I would supply info for how to get video and audio of the Call to Holiness 2007 talks. I decided to first make this post because it is the perfect lead-in for plugging those things. I loved all of the talks, but this may very well have been my favorite. It was content rich, well-ordered and referenced, and just plain simple to understand the way the speaker explains his subject.

Dr. Robert Fastiggi of Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit gave an excellent talk entitled, "Can the Church err?". In that talk, he explained the different levels of assent, for which he provided an outline. In perfect professor fashion, he layered his information, building a foundation, then stacking the bricks. I watched his talk again on DVD last night and will likely let it run in the background over and again until the information is ingrained.

Dr. Fastiggi provides the perfect package for dealing with dissenting Catholics because it is a primary area of confusion among disoriented theologians, who have left in their wake, disoriented Catholics. In fact, Dr. Fastiggi gets into some examples - in particular, that of the laicized priest, Professor Daniel McGuire, whose disorientation as a theologian was the subject of a strong statement by the USCCB recently. If someone with whom you are discussing an issue doesn't get these basic things taught by Dr. Fastiggi, you won't get any further. Hence, it becomes a starting point for any good dialogue on Catholic matters.

Dr. Fastiggi at the OLMC Site in the PM

Dr. Fastiggi at the St. Rene Goupil Site in the AM


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