Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Call to Holiness 2007: Dr. Alice von Hildebrand at OLMC

Here are a couple of photos of Dr. Alice von Hildebrand at the Call to Holiness - Our Lady of Mt. Carmel site. Dr. von Hildebrand is a well known Catholic philosopher, theologian, author and lecturer who spoke on the topic of "Women & the Priesthood".

This talk and all others from the Call to Holiness can be obtained on DVD, CD or MP3 CD. Details will follow.

This is the same photo cropped two different ways.

The photos below were sent to me from Debbie Bloomfield, wife of Deacon Richard Bloomfield seen seated with Bishop Bruskewitz and Dr. von Hildebrand in the bottom picture. I am assuming this was taken at the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel rectory at lunch time.


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