Monday, April 25, 2011

Cool photo from Easter Vigil (1962 Missal)

I'm behind on processing my photos from the Triduum at Assumption Grotto. 

I did want to share this one which may look grainy when enlarged due to the high ISO setting I had to use (1600).  There was some movement and it was pitch dark, less the candles.  Most did not turn out at all, but this gem did.  It looks kind of like a montage that was pieced together, but it is not.  The aperature, I believe, was at 2.8 on my 70-200mm IS USM lens. 

This was during the procession at the beginning of Mass after they stopped the final time before entering the Sanctuary after exclaiming, "Lumen Christi!"  Candles of people assisting at Mass were being lit at this time. 

More to come.... soon. 

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