Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pope's Secretary, Msgr. Ganswein pays a visit to woman who floored Holy Father

In the Bollettino for January 3rd, we get confirmation that the Pope's personal secretary, Msgr. Ganswein, paid a visit to the woman who jumped the barricade and knocked down the Holy Father.  While he was not seriously injured and continued with the Mass, 87 year old Cardinal Roger Etchegaray of France, suffered a broken femur.  He is recovering. 

According to a  December 26th article in the Italian, il Giornale, the woman, once in custody at a psychiatric facility claimed, "I did not want to hurt him". 

According to News Daily/Reuters:

ROME, Jan. 3, 2010 (Reuters) — Pope Benedict's personal secretary has visited a woman who knocked the 82-year-old pontiff to the ground before Christmas Eve mass and expressed the pope's concern for her situation, the Vatican said on Sunday

But Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said that a judicial case opened against 25-year-old Susanna Maiolo by Vatican authorities would "run its course."
"The Holy Father's personal secretary, Georg Gaenswein, conducted a private visit to Miss Maiolo, expressing the Holy Father's interest in her situation," Lombardi said in a statement.
Il Giornale newspaper reported that Gaenswein visited Maiolo on January 1 in a hostel for people with psychiatric problems where she is being held, in the town of Subiaco near Rome.
The paper said Gaenswein brought her a rosary and said the pope believed in her good intentions and had pardoned her, as had Etchegaray.

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